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Instantly Turn Web Pages into Data – Free and simple web scraping tool. Allows you to structure the data you find on webpages into rows and columns, using simple point and click technology. The collected data is stored on our cloud servers to be downloaded.

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GrowthJunkie Tool | Import | Data Enrichment

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Automate processes with confidence and ease, and get rid of spreadsheets, email, and chat. Bring processes, teams, tools, customers, and suppliers together so operations can run easier and more confidently—all in a single platform. – Embed instructions and checklists for your core processes – Assign and advance tasks automatically – Automate follow-ups so that nothing

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Linkush is a simple tool that lets you add a customized message to any page. Use it to increase email lists, generate more leads and improve conversions to your website. Generate leads, retarget visitors, and supercharge your marketing! – Create sharable links within seconds – Increase sales with content curation – Retarget visitors and generate

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Find out how your potential customers perceive your company. Brand Auditor’s work is to collect and turn data into reliable insights – so you can make informed marketing and branding decisions Data-rich, reliable insights and competitive benchmarks based on diverse data sources. Our reports are built to deliver reliable, unopinionated insights. All audits share an

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CarsXE API is a vehicle data Application Programming Interface that gives you access to millions of vehicle records in seconds. Access vehicle specifications, vehicle market value data, vehicle plate decoder, vehicle history, and vehicle images API. CarsXE API is the best solution if you’re running a business that involves vehicles. From cars and trucks to

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No code workflow automation for Google Workspace. Built on Google for Google, zenphi brings a secure, enterprise grade automation platform with an integrated and easy to use experience to all Google Workspace users. Automate all of your Google Forms, Google Drive, Google Sheets, etc. workflows, and connect them to other systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, Smartsheet,

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