Marketing designs.


Crayon delivers valuable insights to key departments in a range of formats that can be easily accessed and acted on. So companies can quickly see and seize opportunities, and build a sustainable business advantage.


- Competitive Intelligence: When automation takes on the burden of gathering and categorizing quality intel, your CI program goes from attainable to sustainable.

- COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Analyze the sharpest insights using cutting-edge AI and create a sustainable CI program that’s always-on, even when you’re not.

- Email Digests & Alerts: The most intuitive, informative, and easiest ways to activate competitive intelligence throughout your organization.

- Sales Battlecards: Nothing tanks a deal like outdated intel. Win more business with battle cards that automatically update in real-time.

- Types of Market Intelligence: Easily activate competitive intel drawn from more than 100 different data types, helping you drive the broadest organizational impact.



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