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Meeting for Goals
Meeting management software.


Meeting for Goals is designed to help companies have better and more efficient meetings. It is catered to work with people that are tired of having to sit through useless meetings that don’t advance your agenda or the company agenda.

Every meeting that takes place should be advancing the company goal. If the meeting does not advance the company goal then it should not be taking place. Once it is established that the meeting advances the company goal then we need to make sure that the meeting is as efficient as possible. Have a meeting agenda, align them to company goals, allocate action & responsibility, and most importantly.


- Goals & Objectives in Advance: Ensure everyone sets a meeting agenda, meetings goals and objectives ahead of time either from scratch or via our templates

- Align All Meetings to Company Goals: Keep every meeting objective or goals directly aligned to the main company goals. if the meeting is not advancing company goals then it should not happen. Keep everyone on your team aligned.

- Allocate Action Items & Tasks to People: Allocate each action item to be completed after the meeting to someone on your team. Allocate responsibility and deadlines to ensure they are met. Add automatic follow-ups from our software

- Send Minutes of Meetings Instantly: Once the meeting is complete, everyone gets minutes of meeting automatically so that everyone in aware and responsible for their part


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