Make your meetings 10X more productive! An AI meeting assistant transforming meetings into Action Items and Follow-ups


Meeting transcription software for Google Meet and Zoom meetings. covers meeting transcription, note-taking and follow-up drafting and lets users stay engaged in conversations


  • AI transcription for meetings: Save business-critical call data forever. Your meetings are an invaluable source of information. Don't let that data fall through the cracks. Noty offers AI transcription for Google Meet and Zoom free of charge to all users forever
  • Highlight in 1 click: Stay 100% focused with hands-free AI note taking. Have you come across important insights during the call? No need to write it down! Use free AI note-taking app instead. Highlight insights in just one click and share them with your team
  • ChatGPT-Powered summaries: Spend 10X less time on call summaries & tasks. No more struggling to recap the call and assign tasks to your team. Noty generates an AI transcript summary, task or decision for you in seconds
  • Predrafted follow-ups: Automate your meeting follow-ups. Having problems with wording an email after a call? Noty will draft a follow-up email with your highlights and automatically add all the call participants
  • Team collaboration: Collaborate on meetings after they are over. Share your meeting transcriptions, highlights, and summaries with call participants and teammates in Noty application or export them to Google Doc


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Make your meetings 10X more productive! An AI meeting assistant transforming meetings into Action Items and Follow-ups

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