A personal bulk texting service.


Porterhouse automates your iPhone to send individual, personalized texts to your entire list with a single click.

Bulk iMessage texts right from your own phone with a single click. Great for sending reminders, coordinating groups, small business marketing and so much more.


- Mass peer-to-peer iMessaging: Send iMessages individually to your contact list with a single click. Market-leading engagement with authentic iMessage blue chat bubbles. Respond to replies right from your Mac or iPhone's Messages app.

- Automatic SMS fallback: Regular SMSes are automatically sent to non-iPhone contacts.

- Personalized merge tags: Add merge tags such as {{firstName}} to your messages so each recipient gets a personalized text.

- Files with analytics: Attach files with an individualized link to each recipient allowing you to see who engages with your files and attachments.

- Market-leading privacy: Unlike other mass texting products that record and see all of your contacts’ numbers and your entire conversations, we don’t see any of that.


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