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Spontaneous voice chat for remote teams.


Presence helps remote teams work closer and more effectively—via live drop-in voice rooms and voice chat.

A voice-first experience that works seamlessly asynchronously and synchronously.


- Spontaneous virtual office interactions: See which voice rooms your teammates are hanging out in and jump in and out of quick and casual conversations.

- Creative jam sessions: Use global hotkeys to toggle your mic/sound while you focus on your work—for walkie-talkie style group conversations.

- Employee onboarding & office hours: Create a room with your name and let others know they can jump in when they see you there for ad-hoc support and help.

- Hang out together in music rooms: Turn on some music and listen together while hanging out together with your teammates.

- Asynchronous status updates and feedback via voice: Share feedback, status updates and ideas quicker with more empathy and nuance via transcribed voice notes.

- Engineering & product design: Work through problems quickly via one-click screen sharing—minimizing back and forth texting and video meeting fatigue. Multiple teammates can screen share at the same time so switching between screens is easy.

- Login-free external meeting rooms: Manage all your external meeting links in one place with login-free access.

- alk 1:1 without being interruptive (aka silent walkie-talkie): Push-to-talk live without worrying about interrupting your teammates.

- Hybrid in-office & remote team: Presence voice rooms have built-in echo cancellation so you can have your in-person team stay connected with their remote counterparts without any issues.

- Work from anywhere without the background noise: AI-enabled background noise removal is default built-in so your team can truly work from anywhere without worry.

- Wave at teammates for ad-hoc conversations: You can 'wave over' any of your teammates to come to a room anytime in one click.


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