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With Proofy you can now verify any email address! Using the website you can make your email list verification more simple and qualitatively. Spend your working time only on real customers and avoid trash emails and bounces. Use the bulk email cleaning service and save your domain email. All that can happen easily by integrating Proofy email verification API to your website.

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GrowthJunkie Tool | Proofy | Data Enrichment

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A customized, scalable email creation platform designed to make your email workflow faster & more effective. Collaborate on designs before you build. Control your HTML. Customize WYSIYGs for your marketing team.     (Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)TweetShareSharePin

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Brand Auditor

Find out how your potential customers perceive your company. Brand Auditor’s work is to collect and turn data into reliable insights – so you can make informed marketing and branding decisions Data-rich, reliable insights and competitive benchmarks based on diverse data sources. Our reports are built to deliver reliable, unopinionated insights. All audits share an

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CarsXE API is a vehicle data Application Programming Interface that gives you access to millions of vehicle records in seconds. Access vehicle specifications, vehicle market value data, vehicle plate decoder, vehicle history, and vehicle images API. CarsXE API is the best solution if you’re running a business that involves vehicles. From cars and trucks to

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Over 51% of all business emails worldwide never reach the inbox. Losing your emails to spam folders ultimately leads to budgeting issues and missed sales opportunities. Folderly makes sure that you’re never in that 51%. Avoid blacklists, bypass spam filters, and see your messages delivered to your email recipients’ inboxes. Whether you’re looking to increase

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Create, deliver and measure unforgettable Direct Mail experiences that motivate your audience to engage more than ever before.

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