Partnership, growth and sales ecosystem solution.


Reveal is how B2B partnerships drive tangible ROI. Securely connect your CRM with your ecosystem partners, instantly identify all common accounts, and easily collaborate to source and influence more deals together.

Reveal’s technology empowers you to leverage that revenue potential, and it all starts with partner account mapping. Instantly identify common accounts where you and your partner can support each other—co-selling, co-marketing, getting introduced to decision-makers—and multiply win rates.


- Expand your ecosystem: Based on your market, our algorithm will identify the best companies to add to your ecosystem—even if you’re not connected to them. Enabling you to expand your network is important to us, so our humans will help out too.

- Assess before you share: Assess potential partnerships before making any decisions. Reveal percentages of account and contact overlap, the number of common customers and opportunities, as well as the sales pipeline these represent—in an instant, without sharing anything.

- Map accounts instantly: Using Reveal you can see all account overlaps, with all your partners, on one screen, in real-time. So you can safely map accounts without the need for spreadsheets, saving you weeks of precious time and sanity as you cruise toward smashing your goals.

- Target the juiciest leads: Connect with companies from your ecosystem to reveal top leads within your CRM, generate high potential new leads, and enrich your existing accounts with fuller CRM data.

- Track your ROI: We're giving you proof that your ecosystem is a source of revenue so you can finally put the doubters to rest.

- Data that works in your workflow: Alert Account Executives to new ecosystem opportunities, and get notified of new overlap on Slack. Give your sales team all of your ecosystem's strategic insights right inside their Salesforce CRM.


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