Modernize your business analytics with generative AI-powered database queries


Seek is a Generative AI platform that empowers business users to query their data sets and frees up data science teams from ad-hoc requests for analysis. Increase the effectiveness and ROI of your data across your entire organization and prevent your organization from reacting blindly, and often wrong, to important industry trends without critical insights


  • Intelligent Analytics Automation: Powerful deep-learning models convert natural language questions into high-quality SQL code. Quickly query and retrieve data insights. A built-in knowledge base stores previous questions and trains Seek to be more intelligent
  • High Accuracy: Unlike other traditional coding tools, Seek offers unique, patented Workflow(TM) technology built-in to limit inaccuracies presented to data  analysts
  • Designed for Simplicity: An easy to use chat-based interface streamlines a complex process of asking questions and getting answers from data into a dead simple format using plain language for non-technical business users
  • No More Data Barriers: Get answers to your data questions 60x faster than today’s industry average
  • Private & Secure: Never worry about connecting your data warehouse. Soc 2 Type I Compliant
  • Data Warehouse Integrations & Plug-In Support: Easily connect to Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, AWS S3, and Azure (SQL Server, Synapse). Compatible with Slack and Microsoft Teams.


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