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Create data-driven buyer personas for your business and for your competitors' businesses automatically with Delve AI


Operating at the intersection of marketing, analytics and applied AI, Delve AI’s core technology leverages machine learning and AI techniques to summarize & humanize digital data, helping move from dimensions and metrics to people


  • Live Persona: Delve's live persona automatically extracts personas and journeys, segment-wise from web/mobile analytics data. It works on aggregated and anonymized analytics data from sources such as Google Analytics, adds industry-specific insights, automatically segments users based on their behavior, and leverages advance in machine learning to abstract personas for each segment. No more time-consuming manual analysis! Personas are auto-generated and kept all up to date. Gain clarity on your best-performing segment, refine your customer experiences, and get targeting ideas to grow your business
  • Social Persona: You can create social media persona and deliver high-quality market research from social media in minutes. All you have to do is to provide your social media handles and Delve AI will create personas of your social audiences automatically for you. Get rich insights for each of your social segments such as followers, mentioners, and website visitors
  • Competitor Persona: The competitor persona is created automatically. Specify one or more competitor domains and Competitor Persona by Delve AI will automatically generate persona(s) for those competitors. Analyze competitors and discover trends as they happen and uncover content, advertising, and partnership opportunities with competitor intelligence


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Create data-driven buyer personas for your business and for your competitors' businesses automatically with Delve AI
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